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  • Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 8

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 8


Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series MX Tour Round 8

With over 40 years of motocross racing history, the Walton Raceway is the most iconic venue of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series.  The rich history of crowning champions at the Walton has made it the annual celebration of Canadian Motocross.

Located in the heart of the Huron County, the Walton Raceway sprawls throughout the property’s acreage and utilizes the natural elevation and valleys.  The soil is thick, tacky clay which molds and forms copious amounts of racing lines to choose from.  The Walton Raceway is known to favour hard park riders with superior rut skills.


Dylan Wright – 250cc Champion

Having won numerous Amateur National Championships at the Walton Raceway and scoring some of his most dominant Pro results at the facility, Dylan Wright knows the track inside and out.  With a comfortable point lead on his 250cc Championship, Wright was rolling into Round 8 of the MX tour looking to clinch his first ever Professional Motocross Championship.


With Championship strategy in mind, Wright was forced to be more calculated and patient during his races.  In Moto 1, Wright started in the top 5 and patiently waited for the lead riders to shuffle themselves into race order before making his moves.  On lap five, Wright took control of the lead and never looked back while on his way to the win and clinched the Championship.  While the race day was only half completed, Dylan held back on any celebrations until all the work was done for the day. 


In Moto 2, Wright mimicked his previous moto performance and sat patiently in the top five position before making his move to the lead position and then walking away with another dominant clean sweep!


Colton Facciotti – 450cc Champion

Nearing the final gate drops of his career, Colton Facciotti walked into the Walton Raceway looking as calm and comfortable as ever.  Holding a less than sizeable point lead on the 450cc Championship, Facciotti and team weren’t able to be as comfortable as hoping for going into his final races.


While embracing his final laps of his Pro career, Facciotti was able to stop and salute the fans on his hot lap before lining up and getting to work on earning his 6th Championship.  In Moto 1, Faccoitti started in the top three, then rode steady and patient moving himself into the second place position where he would comfortably finish out the race.


In Moto 2, Facciotti got the jump on the start and rounded the first corner in second place.  By lap three, Facciotti was in the lead and holding a tight grip on his title.  On the closing laps of the race, Facciotti rode conservative and to avoid any unnecessary altercations, Colton slide back to the second place position where he would finish out the moto and bowed out of his career winning his 6th Canadian National Championship!


Upcoming Series:

After an absolutely impressive 2019 MX tour season, earning double Championships, The Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team now sets is sights on the SX Tour portion of the Triple Crown Series.  The opening race is September 14th at the Montreal Olympic Stadium.  While Facciotti will sit out the remainder of the season, 250cc rider Dylan Wright is hunting down his third title of the season and has his eyes on the Triple Crown prize.


250cc Round 8 Results:

1st – Dylan Wright (1-1)

2nd – Tyler Medaglia (3-2)

3rd– Marshal Weltin (4-3)

4th – Marco Cannella (7-4)

5th – Tanner Ward (6-6)


450cc Round 8 Results:

1st– Phil Nicoletti (3-1)

2nd – Cole Thompson (1-3)

3rd – Colton Facciotti (2-2)

4th – Mike Alessi (4-4)

5th – Keylan Meston (5-6)


250cc Series Points:

1st – Dylan Wright; 3-2-6-1-1-1-2-1 (417 pts)

2nd – Jess Pettis; 7-3-11-2-2-2-1- 10 (344  pts)

3rd – Tyler Medaglia; 6-5-2-4-6-5-7-2 (336 pts)

4th– Marshal Weltin; 4-1-3-5-11-3-4-3 (327 pts)

5th – Tanner Ward; 5-9-4-7-5-4-5-5 (310 pts)


450cc Series Points:

1st – Colton Facciotti; 2-1-2-4-1-2-3-3 (396 pts)

2nd – Mike Alessi; 4-4-9-1-4-1-2-4 (374 pts)

3rd – Phil Nicoletti; 3-2-6-2-13-3-1-1 (366 pts)

4tb – Cole Thompson; 1-6-11-3-5-4-12-2 (330 pts)

5th – Cade Clason; 10-10-5-9-8-5-7-8 (275 pts)


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